Good Friday

Good Friday is the day of the Cross. Throughout the human and historical events of Jesus, the "Passion" has always defined the whole of the painful events that struck him until his death on the cross.
What Will Happen In Good Friday Service?
Church bells will not ring today. The Night of Good Friday will be the longest and most anguished night for the Christians. The celebration takes place in three moments: Liturgy of the Word, Adoration of the Cross, and Eucharistic Communion.
On this day the holy communion of the faithful is delivered..
The priest and the deacon wear red robes, as for Mass.
Then they go to the altar and. Everyone will be in silence and pray for a short time.
The Catholic rule of fasting still prescribes the renunciation of meat even during the other Fridays of the year, to all healthy people starting from the fourteenth year of age. In fact, "every Friday is a small memorial of Good Friday, just as every Sunday is Easter,.
The structure of prayer (invitation, silent prayer, priest's prayer, acclamation):
For the holy church
 For Pope
For all sacred orders and for all the faithful
 For the catechumens
For the unity of Christians
For the Jews
 For non-Christians
For those who do not believe in God
For the rulers For the troubled.

Holy Communion
Once the adoration is over, the cross is placed next to the altar between the two candles. During the communion, a suitable song can be performed. The liturgy of the Word on this Friday ends with universal prayer. So they all pray for a few moments in silence; then the priest, standing at the seat and spreading his arms, says the prayer. Throughout the time of this universal prayer, the most the all people in the church will be standing.